I am Going to Win the Lottery


Yesterday I was sitting at the computer and this randomly came out. Here it is, in raw form.


I am going to win the lottery this weekend. I know this because I have been seeing the number 11:11 for the past month or more. I bought my ticket yesterday and the jackpot is $55 million. In Canada that’s tax free, so all of that money will be direct-deposited into my account. When I win, I will give each family member a small amount of money – $20,000 each, and then I will go to Victoria BC, buy my dream condo and live simply for a year while I get money investment matters settled. I will then proceed to live out my life quietly, helping my family when they really need it.
I will also be able to be a ‘secret millionaire’ that anonymously helps out people who are really in need. I will go work at a place so that no one knows that I am a multi millionaire. I will see who I make friends with and who is not a genuine person. I will help customers who really seem to need assistance. I will closely watch the community at large and will be able to help out at places that I feel could really use the help.
I will have the luxury of taking on volunteer work at any place I choose, for as long as I like. I will make sure to exercise my mind, body and soul at all times, fully embracing Island life. I will take surfing lessons in Tofino. I will go whale watching. Spend a weekend in Vancouver. Stroll the streets and take in local events. Sit leisurely outside a coffee shop on a warm afternoon and just watch life go by. I will have a hammock on my balcony where I can read and nap. I will watch sunsets. I will get a small dog and she will be my constant companion, my little buddy who will go everywhere with me, sleep in my lap and spend time at the beach with me. I will buy a small palm tree and banana tree to have in my condo and on my balcony. I will shop at quaint little shops, taking in all of the sights on antique row, buying little, interesting things that will make my house a true home, full of comfort and simple pleasures. I will have a big fluffy bed, great for sleeping in, and will indulge in the most comfy sheets and pillows.
I will go to the museum and library, watch movies, take in local culture and all of the things that happen in downtown Victoria. I will live downtown as well, most likely in James Bay. Find a quiet, comfortable place that hugs me back, makes me feel at home. I will get to know the people in my neighbourhood and say a gentle hello as we pass on the street. I will shop at the Thriftys store for my supper, taking time to try new things and chat with staff.
I will have friends over for small, quiet dinners and relaxing good times. Life will be good. I will live out my days with a Canada tan and peace in my heart. I will shop in Chinatown. I will explore the local area. Spend Sunday afternoons in Beacon Hill Park, listening to a band play. I will watch movies in the park on warm summer nights.
As time progresses I can re-explore the possibility of giving added money to my family, depending on what their needs are. I can help pay off mortgages or debts. I would have to be very careful not to get caught up in the problem of having people demand too much from me, as I am sure sister #1 will. Sister #2 will probably expect me to give and give to her children as well. I have a feeling that I will have to not give out my address to anyone, since I don’t want people showing up at my door every day expecting money. This is also where living in a condo will come in handy, since people would have to get past some sort of security barrier before getting to my door.
I want to be able to make the money last me throughout the rest of my life, so I need to be careful and not get tempted to spend too much on anything over the years. If I expect to live 50 more years, that’s one million dollars per year with five left over to give away.
It sounds like a lot right now, but it can add up quickly if I start doing things like buying trips, cars, houses, etc. So the trick is, not to get all caught up in a lavish lifestyle. If I want to live well for the rest of my life, I need to be patient. I also need to make sure to invest and let my money grow, let interest accrue, and not put all my eggs in one basket.
This is why it’s best to take a year just to sit with the money and get organized, get a plan. Hire the right people to help manage my money, meet up with other major lottery winners to get help and advice.



5 thoughts on “I am Going to Win the Lottery

  1. st425 says:

    This sounds like my exact idea of heaven right now. What a perfect , beautiful life that would be. Can i come ? 🙂

  2. Dean B says:

    Hi. I nominated you for the Liebster Award:http://littlestepsblogdotcom.wordpress.com/2013/04/17/the-leibster-award/

    Really admire your honesty in your blog =) All the best, D.

  3. jacqueline spaulding says:

    I keep telling myself I will win the PCHS. Positive thinking. So I can do volentar work that matters to the world around us. Because my job is so physically hard on me I don’t have the strength to come home be with my animals and volentar. I have some health opprorunties that challenge me as well. But I keep going on. I keep telling myself every time I fill out a entry form I am going to win and rely believe it. The faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains.


  4. Jasmin says:

    Did you ever win?

  5. sacredsus says:

    What a beautiful way to spend your life! 🙂

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